Term papers


Requirements for the completion of the term paper can arrive at the university and differ significantly from each other. However, writing is usually the same: scientific, precise and logical. General regulations are: logical structure, short introduction, deep research, transparent train of thought as well as correct citation. Sometimes you also need specialized software for creating different tables or similar. A seminar paper consists of:

  • • Cover sheet
  • • Contents
  • • Introduction
  • • Bulk
  • • trailer
  • • List of abbreviations (if available)
  • • Literature and source list
  • • Statement

Formatting of the term paper is also consistent and acceptable for most colleges:

  • • margin: top and bottom – 2.5 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1.5 cm
  • • Page numbers: bottom centered / right
  • • no page number on cover page / table of contents
  • • Font size and type in running text: 12 Pt Arial or Times New Roman
  • • Line spacing: 1.5 lines
  • • Chapter headings: 14 Pt bold, then two lines apart
  • • Subheadings: 12 pt bold, then one line apart
  • • Footnotes: 10 Pt justified, 1,0 lines, footnotes up
Pupils of Taieri College doing practice examines for the build up to NCEA on Monday.PHOTO PETER MCINTOSH

You should pay attention to this formatting, because it influences the overall grade. If you have difficulties with Office programs, you can only order the formatting from us. This service is very cheap and not time consuming.

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